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Marscon Memories

Hot Waffles is back safe and sound. I must say that Tim and I had a blast. We would like to thank everyone who was responsible for bringing us out this year. Nicki, Earl and the Ops people were all very professional and took care of all of our needs, making this a very stress free con for us. Speaking of stress, let me start this trip down memory lane at the beginning...

n the days prior to us flying to Marscon, we still did not know if our new album was for sure going to be in our hands. Top that off with a week of Tim getting sick (he was sick the whole con but he was a trooper and thanks to everyone there, still had a blast) and a week of executive meetings at my day job, the stress was overwhelming. Well, needless to say, the album was ready in time and the karmic wheel definitely turned our way because our flight was smooth and the con was awesome.

As for Marscon itself, I'm just going to go down the list in my brain and write about the highlights I can remember. The rest is either lost in an alcohol-induced fog or left out to not incriminate myself.

Dementia Track - The dementia track this year was awesome (if not a bit overbooked). It was great seeing all the fellow artists whom I am a fan of as well as friends with. We are sorry we did not have a chance to see every single performance but for the ones we did see, everyone was great. Our underground movement is a real force to be reckoned with.

The Gothcicles - Wow. Wowee Wow Wow. First, their show on Friday night was ridiculously awesome. I have never seen Jeff Smith dance in the pit before. Great set, great songs. But then on Sunday, I was blown away when they take the stage and do an industrial/goth version of "The Yolk's On You". After I picked my jaw off the floor I realized it was the single greatest moment of my life. Forget the birth of my kids, this was amazing!!!

Art Paul Schlosser - I'm going to be completely honest here and say that from what I had heard of Art Paul before the con, he didn't really seem to be my cup of tea. However, as Tim and I watched his set, we realized that HE should have been GOH because what I saw can only be described as genius. We were completely won over and it was great talking with Art after the show. (Art singing "George Lucas Raped Our Childhood" was also the highlight of our set for me). Art Paul is the man and I know now that if I tell Timm that Art Paul is playing a con, Hot Waffles will not be far behind.

Room Judging - Room judging was a blast! What a great way to get wasted for free! I hope I wasn't too obnoxious. The party rooms were awesome this year. They totally made me go off my low-carb lifestyle.

The Dementia Radio Party Room - What happens at the con, stays at the con. Okay? Please???

Paul and Storm
- I had not seem this duo before and I thought their music was tight and the songs very well done. Great stuff and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to pick up their CD. (I hope they didn't mind our gentle ribbing we did in our set)

Bass - It turns out that the problem with my bass was really the amp I was using, not my bass. All in all, however, I enjoyed the freedom of singing without playing and I think that my stage presence was even more amplified (if that's even possible)

Allison Waffle - OMG, what a trooper! Let me tell you that Timm's wife is not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy and had never been to anything close to Marscon before. But she had a blast! Everyone was very kind to her and made her feel right at home. She was also an indispensable member of Team Waffle and we could not have done it without her.

Hot Waffles vs. Possible Oscar
- First, Chris Waffle beats Marshall Stanton in Guitar Hero. Then Timm Waffle beats Marshall Stanton in Karaoke Joe's contest, getting second place! Looks like Hot Waffles - 2, Possible Oscar - 0. Maybe next year Bud Sharpe won't be so busy with the ladies and can help out his team.

A Hot Girl Dressed Up Like Luke Ski
- Made me feel deeply confused inside.

Luke, Earl and Holly
- Did an amazing job helping us with "Angus Beef Patties with Cheese and Bacon". Thank you, guys. We promise next time to do a REAL cover song!

Writer/Director Jeff C. Smith
- Our friend and fellow "west-coast jerk" stepped up to the plate and knocked "You Guys Look Like You Like To Smoke Weed" out of the ball park. Thanks again, Jeff!

Dementia Music Panel - I understand there was a scheduling conflict for this panel but it was our first panel and I had a blast. Earl, Devo Spice and HW, moderated by Baron Dave had some great discussion going about the state of dementia and comedy music. We hope we get a chance to do other panels in the future.

Cold-Stone Ice Cream Cake - This has nothing to do with Marscon, but right now I'm eating a piece of Ice-Cream cake from Cold-Stone Creamery and man, is it good!

That's most of what is standing out in my mind right now. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our show and bought some merch. Special thanks goes out to all the ladies who kept giving me those special hugs. Keep 'em coming!

I will leave you now with my most surreal memory of Marscon 2008.

Earl Lukes, Jeff Smith, Marshal Stanton of Possible Oscar and I are up on level 13 on Saturday night. We all head over to the elevators (I can't remember why...maybe to go back to my room and make out?) when all of a sudden a set of elevator doors open and out walk 3 or 4 gentlemen dressed as what may have been military uniforms (wink wink). One of them runs over to me, give me a high five and screams, "Fuck yeah, Dr. Spock! BEAM ME UP TO MARS!!!" and he takes off down the hallway. Another one walks out with a hotel plant in his hands, dirt flying everywhere and a big grin on his face. At one point I turn around and Earl is dancing a jig in a circle with one and the next thing I know he's head-butting one of them. It sounded like two hollow coconuts being repeatedly smashed together. Did I mention that Earl is my new hero?

In conclusion, I will sum up my post in three words: BEST CON EVER!

I hope that we lived up as GOH this year. It was an honor and a pleasure. See you next year!

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