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marscon2008's Journal

MarsCon 2008: Press Start To Continue
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MarsCon in Bloomington, Minnesota was first held in February 1999 with the goal of appealing to a diverse audience of fans in Minnesota and the vicinity. It is a mid-sized convention with a wide variety of events including panel discussions, guest of honor presentations, music of many kinds, art show, film room (including anime), science room, dealers room, charity auction, and a masquerade. Past guests have included actors, authors, artists, scientists, musicians, producers, and even the occasional pooka.
beth hansen, bill blair, blue mars, carl david, carl talliaferro, chestley bonestill (posthumous), christopher jones, david arneson, david e romm, david mendez, davina, dean haglund, demnitia, denise boie, doctor who, don perrin, don s. davis, donald r. schmitt, dr. demento”, eleanor arnason, eric larson, gigi edgley, harvey, herbert jefferson, hugh gregory, jack borkowski, jane yolen, jeff grubb, jeremy bulloch, john garner (artist), john levene, john m. ford, jr, julie caitlin brown, kate novak, lev mailer, lisa getto, lyda morehouse, margaret weis, mark allen shepherd, massage, michael liebmann, ookla the mok, patricia tallman, paul lawrence, peter woodward, richard biggs, richard herd, robin wood, ron ross, science room, sharon lee, snarkys, stanley kubrick, star trek, star wars, stargate, stephanie gannaway-osborn, steve miller (writer), the great luke ski, timothy zahn, todd coss, todd lockwood, tom smith, walter h.hunt